Many electronics such as computers, televisions and cell phones were banned from Wisconsin landfills when a new law took effect on September 1, 2010. These items contain harmful materials including mercury, lead and cadmium that are released into the air, water and soil if landfilled, incinerated or illegally dumped. Electronics contain valuable, reusable materials like glass, metal and plastic that can be recycled for new products. Reusing these valuable materials lessens environmental impacts by reducing the need for new materials.

Since this law took effect it has become increasingly difficult to properly dispose of the banned items. As a result the West Allis Department of Public Works began a PILOT program to accept electronics on Monday, July 6, 2015.

The program has been an overwhelming success collecting 105.23 tons of electronics for recycling in 2016!


For certain items, such as televisions and computer monitors, there will be a small fee. All other electronics will be accepted at no charge. For a complete list of accepted items see below.

For more information visit the Sanitation Division