The City is committed to be an example to its citizens and businesses in going GREEN. The Initiative shall strive to provide a healthy, sustainable environment and enhance the quality of life for our citizens by implementing resource conservation and sustainability through projects, leadership and education.


  • LED Street Lights

    All Traffic Lights are LED.
    541 City Street Lights are LED.

    • 70% savings and 10yr lifespan

    ENERGY STAR-qualified LEDs use only 20%-25% of the energy and last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs they replace.

    Energy star lighting information

    Department of Energy information

  • Clean Diesel

    • West Allis has 25 clean diesel vehicles in our fleet (92 total diesels).
    • $8,000 to $10,000 in emission equipment
    • All Garabage & Recycle trucks replaced by 2018.
    • Remaining 67 are Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD)
    • Diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content.
    • Unlike Compressed Natural Gas, Clean Diesel does not need special tools, facility upgrades, or maintenance.


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  • Green Computers

    powerman-inactiveInformation Technology / Communication Department has two project currently deployed to become more green and save money.

    PowerMAN: Power management software that will automatically reduce power usage on computers when not in use.

    powerman-active• Current Savings Estimated at $3.21 Per computer, per month
    • Potential for Savings is:

    $1,229.43/ Month

    • In addition to reducing our Carbon Offset by 849 trees/Year!

    Papercut: Interactive print management software that automatically selects the most green and cost effective printing choice.

    • Our initial goal is to reduce paper usage by 10%.

    We could save a tree and over $3500 a year.

    • Reduction goal will increase yearly.

  • Storm Water Projects

    Two projects utilizing Porous Pavers

    • Old Chalet Building parking lot, located on the south side of National between 63rd and 62nd.

    • W. Durham Drive between S. Orleans Ave and S. 90th Rain Barrel Sales.


    Rain Gardens

    • The City is installing rain gardens in select residents yards. To see if you qualify see the Engineering Dept.

    Rain Barrels

    • The city of West Allis sold Rain Barrels at a discounted price to residents last year. We sold 415 barrels. Diverting almost 23,000 gallons of rainwater from our storm water system and local waterways.

    • Click Here to purchase discounted Rain Barrels .

  • Emerald Ash Borer

    Ash+Trees+in+SpringEmerald Ash is an invasive, wood boring beetle. It kills ash trees by eating the tissues under the bark West Allis began developing a plan in 2008.
    Mapping tree started 2009 thanks to a grant by the Wisconsin DNR

    Developed and implemented a plan by 2010

    The City’s preemptive move against EAB has LIMITED infestations in City trees..

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  • Bike Map

    The Bicycle Map is an application that allows you to see where the bike routes, lanes and trails are within and around West Allis, WI. Bicycling is an effective mode of transportation that is quiet, non-polluting, versatile, healthy and fun. This WebMap identifies existing and future bicycle routes within the City of West Allis, including connections to neighboring municipalities. See where the Oak Leaf, Cross Town Connector and Hank Aaron Trails traverse thru West Allis. Bicycling is a fun family activity that is available to all ages and income levels.

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    Mobile Version of the Bike Map

  • eCycle Program

    Department of Public Works began a PILOT program to accept electronics on Monday, July 6, 2015. For certain items, such as projection or console televisions and computer monitors, there will be a $20 fee. All other electronics will be accepted at no charge.

    For a complete list of accepted items or more information see West Allis Sanitation Section website or click here for Informational Flyer.

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